Scientific Publications




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  5. Sade, N; Galle, A; Flexas, J; Lerner, S; Peleg, G; Yaaran, A; Moshelion, M. Differential tissue-specific expression of NtAQP1 in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals a role for this protein in stomatal and mesophyll conductance of CO2 under standard and salt-stress conditions. PLANTA. 2014 February; Vol.239:pp357-366.[ Plant Science,IF:3.687 47/234(Q1]

  6. Kelly, G; Sade, N; Attia, Z; Secchi, F; Zwieniecki, M; Holbrook, NM ; Levi, A; Alchanatis, V; Moshelion, M ; Granot, D. Relationship between hexokinase and the aquaporin pip1 in the regulation of photosynthesis and plant growth. PLOS ONE. 2014 February; Vol.9: e87888. [ MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES,IF:3.227 27/71(Q2),]

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  8. Sade, N; Shatil-Cohen, A; Attia, Z; Maurel, C; Boursiac, Y; Kelly, G; Granot, D; Yaaran, A; Lerner, S; Moshelion, M. The role of plasma membrane aquaporins in regulating the bundle sheath-mesophyll continuum and leaf hydraulics. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. 2014 November;Vol.166: pp.1609 [Plant Science,IF:7.52 10/234(Q1),]

  9. Sade, N; Shatil-Cohen, A ; Moshelion, M. Bundle-sheath aquaporins play a role in controlling Arabidopsis leaf hydraulic conductivity. PLANT SIGNALING & BEHAVIOR .2015 May;Vol.10(5) [ Plant Science,IF:1.671 108/234(Q2), times cited: 13]

  10. Sade, N;  Galkin, E;  Moshelion, M. Measuring Arabidopsis, Tomato and Barley leaf relative water content (RWC).  BIO-PROTOCOL. 2015 April ;Vol. 5: e1451. [IF: N/A,]

  11. Saha, P; Sade, N^; Arzani, A; Wilhelmi, MDR; Coe, KM; Li, BS; Blumwald, E. Effects of abiotic stress on physiological plasticity and water use of Setaria viridis (L.). PLANT SCIENCE. 2016 October; Vol.251:pp.128-138 [ Plant Science,IF:4.253 37/234 (Q1),]

  12. Kelly, G; Sade, N^; Doron-Faigenboim, A; Lerner,; Shatil-Cohen,; Yeselson, Y; Egbaria, A; Kottapalli, J; Schaffer, AA; Moshelion, M; Granot, D. Sugar and hexokinase suppress expression of PIP aquaporins and reduce leaf hydraulics that preserves leaf water potential. PLANT JOURNAL. 2017 July; Vol. 91: pp. 325-339. [ Plant Science,IF:6.629 13/234 (Q1)]

  13. Sade, N; Wilhelmi, MDR; Ke, XJ; Brotman,; Wright, M; Khan, I; De Souza, W; Bassil, E; Tobias, CM; Thilmony, R; Vogel,; Blumwald, E. Salt tolerance of two perennial grass Brachypodium sylvaticum accessions. PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. 2018 February; Vol.96:pp. 305-314. [ Plant Science,IF:4.065 42/234 (Q1)]

  14. Sade, N; Umnajkitikorn, K; Wilhelmi, MDR; Wright, M; Wang, SH; Blumwald, E. Delaying chloroplast turnover increases water-deficit stress tolerance through the enhancement of nitrogen assimilation in rice.JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 2018 February; Vol. 69:pp. 867-878. [ Plant Science,IF:7.011 14/234 (Q1)]

  15. Achmon, Y; Sade, N; Wilhelmi, MDR; Fernandez-Bayo, JD; Harrold, DR; Stapleton, JJ; VanderGheynst, JS; Blumwald, E; Simmons, CW. Effects of short-term biosolarization using mature compost and industrial tomato waste amendments on the generation and persistence of biocidal soil conditions and subsequent tomato growth. JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY. 2018 June; Vol.66:pp. 5451-5461. [ Agriculture, Multidisciplinary IF:4.29 4/51 (Q1)]

  16. Farcuh, M; Toubiana, D; Sade, N; Rivero, RM; Doron-Faigenboim, A; Nambara, E; Sadka, A; Blumwald, E. Hormone balance in a climacteric plum fruit and its non-climacteric bud mutant during ripening. PLANT SCIENCE. 2019 March; Vol.280:pp. 51-65. [ Plant Science,IF:4.253 37/234 (Q1)]

  17. Toubiana, D; Sade, N^; Liu, LF; Wilhelmi, MDR; Brotman, Y; Luzarowska, U; Vogel, JP; Blumwald, E. Correlation-based network analysis combined with machine learning techniques highlight the role of the GABA shunt in Brachypodium sylvaticum freezing tolerance. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. 2020 March; Vol. 10: 4489. [ Multidisciplinary sciences,IF:4.576 17/71 (Q1)]

  18. Umnajkitikorn, K; Sade, N; Wilhelmi, MDR; Gilbert, ME ; Blumwald, E*. Silencing of OsCV (chloroplast vesiculation) maintained photorespiration and N assimilation in rice plants grown under elevated CO2. PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT. 2020 April; Vol.43:pp. 920-933. [ Plant Science,IF:7.044 11/234 (Q1)]

  19. Toubiana,; Puzis, R; Wen, LL; Sikron, N; Kurmanbayeva, A; Soltabayeva, A; Wilhelmi, MDR; Sade, N; Fait, A; Sagi, M; Blumwald, E; Elovici, Y*. Combined network analysis and machine learning allows the prediction of metabolic pathways from tomato metabolomics data. COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY. 2019 June; Vol.2:214.[ Biology,IF:4.165 18/93 (Q1)]

  20. Sade, D; Sade, N; Brotman, Y; Czosnek, H*. Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)-resistant tomatoes share molecular mechanisms sustaining resistance with their wild progenitor Solanum habrochaites but not with TYLCV-susceptible tomatoes. PLANT SCIENCE. 2020 June; Vol. 295: 110439. [ Plant Science,IF:4.253 37/234 (Q1),]

  21. Sade, N*; Weng, F; Tajima, H; Zeron, Y; Zhang,; Wilhelmi, MDR  ; Day, G; Peleg, Z ; Blumwald, E*. A cytoplasmic receptor-like kinase contributes to salinity tolerance. PLANTS-BASEL. 2020 October; Vol.9:1383. [ Plant Science,IF:2.762 58/234 (Q1),]

  22. Gal, A; Hendel, E;, Peleg, Z; Schwartz, N*; Sade, N*. Measuring the hydraulic conductivity of grass root systems. CURRENT PROTOCOLS IN PLANT BIOLOGY. 2020 June; Vol.5: e20110. [ General Medicine,IF(SJR) :0.575 230/529 (Q2)]

  23. Grunwald, Y;Wigoda, N; Yaaran, A; Sade, N; Torne, T; Gosa, G; Moran, N; Moshelion, M*. Bundle-sheath cells are leaf "water valves" controlled by an H+-ATPase via xylem acidification. THE PLANT JOURNAL (Accepted). [ Plant Science,IF:6.629 13/234 (Q1]


  1. Puli, M;Muchoki, P; Gershon, N; Dalal, A; Abadi, S; Sade, N;Yalovsky, S*.
    A Rho GTPase regulates stomata aperture and water use efficiency via suppression of NADPH oxidase dependent reactive oxygen species formation. In final preparation for submission to THE PLANT CELL.[ PLANT SCIENCES,IF: 10.144 6/234 (Q1]

  2. Zhang, Y; Vasuki, H; Charrier, L; Bar, H; Lazary, S; Egbaria, A; Ripper, D; Aharoni, A;Ragni, L; Strader, L; Sade, N; Weinstain,R; Geisler,M; Shani, E*.ABA homeostasis and long-distance translocation is redundantly regulated by ABCG ABA importers. SCIENCE ADVANCES.[ Multidisciplinary sciences,IF:13.116 3/71 (Q1]

  3. Kelly, G; Brensdma, D; Egbaria, A; Stein ,O; Faigenboim, AD; Lugassi, N; Belausov, E; Zemach, H; Shaya, F; Carmi, N; Sade, N; Granot, D*.Guard cells coordinate hypocotyl elongation through HXK, HY5 and PIF4. COMMUNICATION BIOLOGY.[Biology,IF:4.165 18/93 (Q1]

  4. Bar-On,L*; Garlando, U; Sophocleous, M; Jog, A; Motto-Ros, P; Sade, N; Avni, A; Shacham-Diamand, Y;Demarchi, D. An equivalent circuit model of a plant stem using in-vivo four-point probe impedance spectroscopy. IEEE SENSORS.[ Electrical and Electronic Engineering,IF:3.076 (Q1]

  5. Zhang, F; Wu, J; Sade, N; Wu, S; Egbaria, A; Yan, J; Wang, H; Chen, W; Brotman, Y; Dai, M*; Genomic basis underlying the metabolome-mediated drought adaptation of maize. Genome Biology.[ Genetics & heredity, IF 10.806 3/178(Q1)]





  1. Sade, N; Moshelion, M. The dynamic isohydric-anisohydric behavior of plants upon fruit development: taking a risk for the next generation. TREE PHYSIOLOGY. 2014 November; Vol.34: pp. 1199-1202. [ Forestry ,IF:4.33 4/68 (Q1),]

  2. Sade, N; Rubio-Wilhelmi, MD; Umnajkitikorn, K; Blumwald, E. Plant stress-induced senescence and strategies to improve stress tolerance. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 2018 February; Vol. 69: pp.845-853. [ Plant Science,IF:7.011 14/234 (Q1),]

  3. Sade, N*; Peleg, Z. Future challenges for global food security under climate change. PLANT SCIENCE. 2020 June; Vol. 295: 110467. [ Plant Science,IF:4.253 37/234 (Q1),]



  1. Sade, N; Moshelion, M. Plant aquaporins and abiotic stress. 2017. In
    Plant Aquaporins. eds. Tyerman S and Chaumont F. Publisher: Springer International Publishing pp. 185-206.


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