Lab Members

Nir Sade      Principal Investigator

Yoav Ahouvi​      Ms.C candidate

Project: source/sink relations and chloroplast degradation in tomatoes under salinity stress

Yarden Zeron   Ms.C candidate

Project: Development of perennial grains for climate change conditions

Atara Gal   Ms.C candidate

Project: Mechanisms controlling crown root hydraulic conductivity and root-to-shoot

Purity Muchoki    Ms.C candidate (joint with Professor
Shaul Yalovasky)

Project: Increased Drought Tolerance Mechanisms in Tomato

Ahan Dalal​      Post-doc     

Project: System biology approach for elucidating drought tolerance of wild millet

Zachary Haber      Ph.D Candidate

Project: Regulation of water use efficiency and osmotic adjustment in wheat under abiotic stress conditions

Tomer Parpar   Ms.C candidatet

Project:  Genetic variability for stress induced chloroplast degradation

Aiman Egbaria   Lab Manager


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